The Learning Enrichment Foundation

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About Us

Mission Statement, Principles and Values

Mission Statement

The Learning Enrichment Foundation provides integrated and holistic community responsive initiatives that enable individuals and families to become valued contributors to their community’s social and economic development.

Principles and Values

We respect and believe in the dignity and value of individuals.

Therefore, at LEF, we:

  • Work to restore/enhance self-sufficiency and self-determination for clients;
  • Support an inclusive community focus;
  • Celebrate diversity;
  • Value justice and compassion;
  • Uphold Integrity in programming and accountability to stakeholders;
  • Promote creativity and innovation;
  • Collaborate, cooperate and share;
  • Approach our work in a proactive, flexible, multi-faceted and practical manner;
  • Respond to community needs; and
  • Trust in the commitment, high professionalism and integrity of our staff.