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Child Care

In the event of extreme weather, LEF Child Care Centres follow
the practice of the school boards where the centre is located.
If the school is closed so is the child care centre.
Please check radio or television for closure announcements.
If both TDSB and the TCDSB close all their schools all LEF child care
centres will be closed even if they are not located in school buildings.

Child Care Centres

             Click here to see LEF Childcare Centers Location Map

Infant, Toddler, Pre-School (0 to 6 years)

Donald C. MacDonald Child Care Centre
  116 Industry Street
  Toronto, ON M6M 4L8

George Harvey Child Care Centre
  c/o George Harvey Collegiate Institute
  1700 Keele Street
  Toronto, ON M6M 3W5

Romero Bears Child Care Centre
  c/o Archbishop Catholic High School
  99 Humber Boulevard
  Toronto, ON M6N 2H4

Silverthorn Day Care Centre
  2700 Eglinton Avenue West
  Toronto, ON M6M 1V1

Vaughan Road Child Care Centre
  c/o Vaughan Road Academy
  529 Vaughan Road
  Toronto, ON M6C 2R1

York Humber Child Care Centre
  c/o York Humber High School
  100 Emmett Avenue
  Toronto, ON M6M 2E6

Infant, Toddler, Pre-School & School Age (0 to 12 years)

St. Andrew Child Care Centre
  416-742-2228 or 416-742-8253
  c/o St. Andrew Catholic School
  2533 Kipling Avenue
  Toronto, ON M9V 3A8

Toddler, Pre-School & School Age (18 months to 12 years)

J.R. Wilcox Day Care Centre
  c/o J.R. Wilcox Community School
  231 Ava Road
  Toronto, ON M6C 1X3

Pre-School (2½ to 6 years)

Immaculate Conception Child Care Centre
  c/o Immaculate Conception Catholic School
  23 Comay Road
  Toronto, ON M6M 2K9

St. Fidelis Early Learning Centre
  9 Bannerman St.
  Toronto, ON M6L 2S5

St. Jude Early Learning Centre
  3251 Weston Road
  Toronto, ON M9M 2T9

St. Marcellus Early Learning Centre
  15 Denfield St.
  Toronto, ON M9RL 3H2

Pre-School to School Age (2½ to 12 years)

Carleton Village Early Learning Centre
  315 Osler Street
  Toronto, ON M6N 2Z4

Fairbank Memorial Day Care Centre
  c/o Fairbank Memorial Community School
  555 Harvie Avenue
  Toronto, ON M6E 4M2

General Mercer Early Learning Centre
  30 Turnberry Avenue
  Toronto, ON M6N 1P8

Hughes Child Care Centre
  177 Caledonia Road, 2nd Floor
  Toronto, ON M6E 4S8

Humewood Day Care Centre
  c/o Humewood Community School
  15 Cherrywood Avenue
  Toronto, ON M6C 2X4

Perth Avenue Early Learning Centre
  14 Ruskin Avenue
  Toronto, ON M6P 3P8

Roseland Day Care Centre
  c/o Roseland Junior Public School
  990 Jane Street
  Toronto, ON M6N 4E2

St. Dorothy Child Care Centre
  c/o St. Dorothy Catholic School
  155 John Garland Boulevard
  Toronto, ON M9V 1N7

St. Roch Child Care Centre
  c/o St. Roch Catholic School
  174 Duncanwoods Drive
  Toronto, ON M9L 2E3

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