Alternative Careers in Health Promotion and Education
for Internationally Trained Physicians (Ontario Bridge Training Program)


Ontario Bridge Training Program “The Alternative Careers in Health Promotion & Education” aims to enhance the employment and educational position of internationally trained physicians to equip them for employment within the healthcare ecosystem in non-practitioner roles in Ontario. These information sessions will provide detailed information about this program as well as the eligibility criteria mentioned below.

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Next Program Date: September 2024

Information about the Program

These sessions will be offered via Zoom by LEF staff. Please refer to registration link below and select your preferred date from the drop-down button provided. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to join the information session. For any further questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact Masood Noora, Program Coordinator, at:

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Course Descriptions

Public Health and Health Care System in Ontario

This course will provide an overview of the major public health issues in Canada and Ontario, also discuss social determinants of health, relevant research, health policy, an overview of Ontario’s Health Care System, and the work and role of Community Health Centres in Ontario, as well as health care advocacy organizations.

Health Promotion and Education Foundations

This course will introduce the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, models, theories, frameworks and community, and societal level change theories, as well as an introduction to strategy development. The course will also provide basic principles and practices in community development, including needs assessments, community consultations, program planning, and evaluation, social marketing principles, training/education techniques and to identify and develop community-level health project.

Business Communication and Cultural Competence

This course will provide essential business communications skills, which includes expectations surrounding workplace communications, workplace diversity, cross-cultural communications, teamwork, as well as essential conflict resolution skills, also an introduction to various tools that are used in the workplace, survey platforms Social Media and Marketing platforms.


Approaches to searching for a job, research organizations and hiring managers, online searching tools, resumes and cover letters, practice interviewing; and how to find and develop a network. Develop a longer-term career plan and strategy. The course will feature numerous opportunities to meet with leaders and potential employers in healthcare promotion and education to gain valuable insights on work environments and expectations for working at an organization. Students will also meet with other advisors for feedback on their self-presentation skills. Students will be asked to develop a longer-term strategy.


  • Medical Degree from an institution outside of Canada (WES or another academic equivalency required)
  • If you still need to assess your credentials and are from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela. We can help you to evaluate your credentials through the WES Gateway program.
  • Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee or protected persons, Ukrainian Temporary Resident (CUAET), Refugee Claimant, Naturalized Canadian Citizen
  • Minimum English Level of CLB 8/9
  • In Canada 7 years or less
  • Live in Ontario

Participants Fee

  • The fee for this program is $300. This fee offsets the training or academic portion of the program.
  • The Government of Ontario kindly funds all other costs related to the program and employment services. The fee represents a small proportion (approximately 10 percent) of the overall cost of the program.

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Applicants that meet the requirements will be contacted for an interview.

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